Features :-
Pre - Cos :

Our hoses are made from PVC raw materials differ in the following ways from many of the hoses commercially available.
High mechanical stability

  • Improved chemical stability
  • Higher softening points
  • Greater residual strength at high temperatures
  • Higher compression strength
  • Greater safety due to material stability
  • Environment stress crack resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Kink Resistant
Abrasion - Resistant :

Particularly the high quality mixtures of PVC materials, as well as the optimized, reinforced hose designs from Tuffline results in substantially less weathering during pumping and transport processes than with many other hoses. These ti Tuffline hoses are especially developed for long service life for the delivery of high abrasive media. Compared with similar grades of hoses, they are distinguished by a number of special characteristics.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Less weathering
  • Long-term service life
  • High tensile strength
  • Less change in the axial length of the hose during the application
  • Less interior rippling of the hose due to change in the lengt
Crush - Proof :
ti Tuffline hoses are designed especially for workshop use and laying on the floors. They are able to resist crushing to some extent or entirely when driven over or stepped on. Please refer to the relevant product description for more details.
Interior Smoothness :

Many hoses from ti Tuffline have outstanding interior smoothness and are thus optimized for flow. They have the following advantages:

  • Very high delivery rates
  • Low pressure loss
  • Reduction of blower power requirements
  • Lower operating costs
High Flexibility :

This symbol is only used for ti Tuffline hoses that are highly flexible and have the following characteristics:

  • Minimal counter force and restoring force when bent
  • Optimal for applications such as suction arms
Industrial :
ti Tuffline hoses are specially design for industrial usage. Our hoses give best performance while use in the factory. Due to high durability & flexibility our hoses are famous for industrial usage.
Approvals For use with Foodstuffs :
ti Tuffline hoses are made from selective raw materials which consist highly hygienic safety. Our quality hoses allow to be used in food applications. Please refer to the relevant product description for more details.
Partially Coloured :
We have strengthened our market position by consistent application of our corporate design and differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have etched our space in this tough competitive world. Create a unique "look" to secure after-sales business and reduce product liability risks with an unfalsifiable appearance.
The partially coloured design when compared with completely coloured hoses, makes the impression of a significantly more flexible, lighter product. Moreover, as with transparent hoses, it is possible to directly observe the process.
Flame Retardant :
With this designation,ti Tuffline have one or more national or international approvals which classifies them as having low flammability or as self-extinguishing and/or fall below specified rates of burning.
ti Tuffline hoses are designed to use at high temperature. Our hoses are having low flammability.
Electro-Static Discharge :

When pumping solid materials and fluids through tube and hoses that stores charge, friction between the material conveyed and the wall as well as friction within the medium can cause a build-up of electrostatic charge(= charge separation) hoses from ti Tuffline provides the following advantages:

  • Avoidance of static charge accumulation and discharges of the hose or pumping that may lead to ignition
  • Possible startle reactions from electrostatic shock with body contact that may lead to accidents are largely avoided
  • Fewer process disruptions due to material adherence to the walls of the hose
  • Significantly reduced disruptions of measuring and control euipment